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Timber Treatment

We offer the very latest treatments to protect your timbers against wood decay, insect attack and the threat of fire.  We work closely with our timber protection partners, Arch Timber Protection so we can offer the best treatment solutions.
We also offer a fast, reliable contract timber treatment service to the trade.  There is no miminum order for this service. For full details, please call us on 01327 354422.

Preservative TreatmentsTimber Treatment

Our choice of Tanalised® E or Tanatone® preservative treatments protect timbers against all forms of wood decay and insect attack, wherever it is to be used.Timber treatment plant  This will give you complete peace of mind that your timbers will have a long and low maintenance service life.

High Pressure Timber Treatments

Our timbers are pressure treated which means they have been impregnated with Tanalith® E wood preservative under rigidly controlled conditions in our own on-site vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant.The resulting Tanalised® E pressure treated timber has a natural pale green colouration.

Fencing and landscaping timbers can also be treated with a built-in brown colouration, Tanatone®, Timber treatment chartif required.

The Use Class

The level of preservative treatment is varied according to the Use Class situation that the timber is exposed to during its life. Generally, a greater degree of protection is required as the Use Class increases. Tanalised® E treated timber is suitable for all the Use Classes with Tanatone® treated timber being more widely used for Classes 3.2 and 4.

Use Class Summary

1. Internal, dry eg. upper floor joists
2. Internal, risk of wetting eg. tile battens
3.1 Outdoors, coated above ground eg. claddin
3.2 Outdoors, uncoated above ground eg. fence rails
4. Direct soil or fresh water contact eg. fence posts

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